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Event in Polen - 4.5 - 6.5

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Event in Polen - 4.5 - 6.5
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Polish Garrison and mansion complex in Witaszyce are proud to invite members of the legendary 501st Legion for an event for all Star Wars fans and every fun loving people.
Our galactic event will be performed under special slogan:
since whole event will take place in historical and charming Witaszyce mansion and its surroundings. Mansion itself lying on old Napoleonic route, and it is near city of Poznan, only 70 km away.
The event will be comprise by official Star Wars Magazyn / http://www.swmag.pl / editorial patronage.

Event dates and hours:

4-6 of May 2012

4th of May, starting from 12:00 – arrivals and quarters
5th of May from 10:00 to 18:00 acting
6th of May from 10:00 to 16:00 acting

there will be several breaks including meals.

Of course, any persons who come from the far locations will be able to leave earlier after give the organizers know about this. There will be possibility to stay longer – on a promotive conditions and prices /more info on place/.

European distances:
Poznan 70 km away (from International airport)
from Berlin 347 km
from London 1400 km
from Paris 1376 km
from Prague 413 km
from Vienna 622 km

Amongst many other attractions prepared for this event few listed below:

   special guests, Star Wars actors who played various Star Wars characters, yet to be confirmed
   Star Wars fan exhibition – collections of all kinds of gadgets and SW collectibles.
   Costume parade
   Meeting and parade and activities with various re-enactment group from different epoch.
   Activities and competitions for children and whole families
   possible event patch sell
and many more

   Closed event for 501st members, special guests  and organizers only in a stylise wooden town on the island...
501st members task will be provide Star Wars climate for the whole event including photo sessions, special guests and event guests escort  and of course have a great fun in the costumes together.

The Witaszyce complex have at its disposal 130 lodging places, but for the first 40 troopers, who declare their participation in the event we prepared special offer:

   40 free lodgings with full board, and only cost that you will have to carry is an 15 EURO for closed 501st event on the island.

For all other troopers, the cost including pass to the closed event on the island will amount

Also there will be available transportation from Poznan (airport) to the event place for additional
10 EURO.

More infos:

tk2791@wp.pl or maska@swmag.pl